Man Eats Live Larvae From Inside Tree

This is the revolting moment a peckish gardener cut down a tree and feasted on a wriggling LARVAE.

The man had chopped down the decaying white birch tree in Udon Thani – and collected a whole BAG full of the creepy crawlies.

But in a stomach-churning move, he places a two-inch long white borer room in his mouth chewing on the crunchy larvae.

Neighbour Wandee Dongying, 20, filmed the disgusting moment as she asks her neighbor ”is it delicious?”.

Speaking today, she said: ”This is fine dining in Northeast Thailand. We collected the larvae worms for eating.

”The gardener was just feeling a bit peckish and wanted to eat them raw without cooking.

”People think it looks disgusting but they’re very tasty. We like to eat them while we drink beer.”

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