Mamasan Catches Husband Romping Her Own Staff

This is the moment a spurned mamasan catches her husband romping with an escort.

The woman – a mama sang at a local brothel – returned home early from work.

She found her husband with the naked girl – a hooker at her own company.

The video shot by the furious wife shows the young girl emerge from the bedroom with a blue diver round her.

She then drops it, and the cowers naked and crying in the corner.

She desperately tries to cover herself up but is tossed outside into the corridor to get dressed.

‘Go, go’, orders the wife.

The sheepish husband in a white t-shirt throws her some clothes and her handbag as she trembles with shock outside.

A mamasan catches her husband with a call girl

A mamasan catches her husband with a call girl

Eventually the girl manages to pull on some clothes and shuffle over to the elevator.

And that’s where the video ends…

The clip has sparked a whole range of spoofs and copycats.

You could say it’s a lesson not to let hubby get high on your own supply.

We can only imagine the beating his dumb ass got once the camera was turned off…


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