Malaysian Chiropractor Is A Hit With His Hammer

A chiropractor has an unorthodox way of fixings bad backs – hitting patients with a a wooden block and a claw HAMMER.

Rosdi Hasan claims to have fixed hundreds of patients with slipped discs and even scoliosis – and that convential doctors CAUSE back problems.

Bizarre footage shows Rosdi using a black marker pen to draw the prositions of vertebra on patients backs.

He then holds a wooden block to their spines and with his free hand repeatedly uses a metal claw hammer to them.

Rosdi also includes a builder’s spirit level in his medical bag to check the results at his his surgery in Kulim, Malaysia.

Despite his apparant success rate, professionals have warned that one wrong move could paralyse his customers.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Mahyuddin Mohamed said: ”One of Hasan’s videos went viral in Malaysian media and left actual doctors horrified. Slipped discs Cannot be treated by knocking.

‘’You can’t see a slipped disc without an MRI scan or an x-ray. The marks on the back are completely inaccurate. One wrong tap could cause seirouus problems and aparalyse a patient.’’

But Rosdi says he has ‘’never injured anyone’’ and he blamed convential doctors for ‘’causing bad backs’’.

He even claims to have corrected teh curvature in an eight-year-old girl’s spine caused by scoliosis.

He said: ‘’These doctors who criticise have never come to see what I do. Many of the patients who come ot see me are former patients of the experts and dcotors and now seek alternative tretament.

‘’None of the people treated by me have been ijured or paraalyzes. But many suffere from doctors. I invited any professional to examine my methods.’’

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