Ladyboys Fight In Pattaya Walking Street So Boss SLAPS Them

This is the moment two ladyboys start fighting in the Pattaya Walking Street and the boss breaks it up – by SLAPPING them.

The two transsexuals started bickering over a customer before it spilled out into the street – with them locked together pulling each others hair.

Another transsexual from the bar gets involved while a passing punter tries to separate them, without any success.

He then marches over to the other katoy in a red dress and delivers a nifty blow to her cheek.

Yossi Gvili, from Israel, filmed the clip on while on holiday at the notorious red light district.

The video was shared on Facebook where it was viewed some 150,000 times in a day.

He wrote: ”Girls fight on walking street pattaya”.

Viewers commented and corrected him, pointing out that those in the clip are actually ladyboys.

Pi Variya wrote: ”That guy show power . That problem it not about him.”

Another added: Why do they have to cause embarrassment to foreigners. Don’t tell me that one stole a guest, because if you have enough guests they won’t leave you.”

It’s all run-of-the mill stuff for Thailand’s Sin City… not a day goes by there without crazy katoys scrapping.

Just last month British tourist Michael Soden died of a heart attack after popping Viagra and romping with a hooker in his hotel room in Pattaya.

And there are plenty more robberies, attacks, deaths and muggings to count.

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