Ladyboys Caught After Stealing Indian’s Gold Chain

Three transgender thieves were caught after groping a tourist then stealing his 1,800USD gold chain.

Indian businessman Amanpreet Ragga, 33, and a group of friends were on a night out when they were approached by the ladyboys in Pattaya, Thailand.

Amanpreet said he rebuffed their advances when they offered sexual services to him – but the group then drew closed and pressed their bodies against his.

The holidaymaker pushed them away but was shocked when he noticed that after they disappeared his expensive gold chain was also missing.

Devastated Amanpreet reported the theft to police who checked CCTV and identified one of the gang as Laotian Konkum Jantajon, 29, who was arrested on August 9.

The two accomplices, Ekkaphan Phusasai, 25, and Ekkachai Ka-unggu, 23, later handed themselves in on Wednesday August 14.

Ekkaphan said: “After selling the gold chain we split the money then me and Ekkachai ran away to Bangkok.

“However, after we saw the news that Konkum was arrested we were so nervous and decide to surrender.”

Police Liutenant Colonel Piyapong Ensan said: “As the two confessed to the crime, they will be charged for robbery at night by snatching.”

All three of the group were remanded in custody ahead of a planned court appearance next week to hear their sentence.

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