Ladyboy found dead after arguing with Turkish tourist and plunging from hotel balcony

Police were today (Jan 9) investigating the death of a transgender Thai prostitute who plunged to her death from a tourist’s hotel balcony.

Aphinyo Kaewkhaw, 28, went back to the seventh floor room for sex with Ramazan Akpina on Tuesday (Jan 7) night on the island of Phuket.

But as Ramazan showered before the planned romp he allegedly saw her rifling through his belongings. They then started arguing after Ramazan confronted her.

Shocked locals found the pretty ladyboy dead with a broken neck at the bottom of the hotel and called police, who launched an investigation.

Ramazan told officers that Aphinyo jumped from the balcony ”after being caught stealing” but her family claim she was thrown to her death.

The Turkish tourist said the lady boy ransacked his bag while he was in the shower then fled to his friend’s room, where they argued. She then left the room and he did not know how she fell.

Ramazan said: “I was taking a shower and heard a ruffling sound from my possessions so I came out to check and saw her leaving the room carrying my wallet.

“I followed her to our friend’s room but at that moment my friend was not there so there was only me, the ladyboy and my friend’s prostitute.

“The ladyboy turned to her friend and said ‘I have to go.’ Then she walked straight to the balcony and jumped off.” 

Ramazan said he had picked up Aphinyo from the popular tourist island’s bustling Walking Street.

He agreed to pay around 3,000 Baht (75GBP) and took her back to his hotel room while his friend took a girl to the room next door.

The tourist said that after he caught her stealing they began arguing and the ladyboy jumped from the room’s balcony.

However, the deceased’s mother Amphan Kaewkhaw, 62, said she did not believe the story because her relative never had a money problem.

She said: “As far as I know my son never had a money problem, he just transferred me 3,000 THB (75 GBP) earlier that night.

“I want the police to find more evidence and investigate the case thoroughly as I believe he was a murdered.”

Police interviewed the female hooker Prisana Phulailueng, 27, who had been with the Ramazan’s friend.

She said she had never met Aphinyo before that night but went with her and the two Turkish tourists to the hotel.

She said: “The group asked me to go with them, but the hotel didn’t allow ladyboys so I had to distract the receptionist while they entered.

“I went to the room with one man and then a few minutes later the other Turkish guy and the ladyboy came into our room and started fighting.

“I heard the Turkish man accuse her of stealing his money. She came to me and told me that she had to go, then she went to the balcony and fell down.

“I think she might have wanted t escape by climbing to the other room but she accidentally fell off.”

Police Lieutenant Colonel Jessada Saengsuree said there were inconsistencies in the evidence and they would investigate more.

He said: “The evidence from the people who knew the deceased doesn’t conform with the story told by the tourist.

“We need to question the suspect’s friend again and the hotel staff to get more information about what happened.”

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