Ladyboy Duo Arrested After Stealing 120k Baht From British Tourist

Two Thai ladyboys were arrested after stealing a British tourist’s credit card and going on a 120,000 baht shopping spree.

Tipakorn Surintham and Banchong Jantawong, both 33, approached James William Jack Mason, 31, along a strip of goog bars in Pattay last Friday night.

The couple struck up a conversation with the holidaymaker then pickpocketed him. He later realised that cash and his credit card had been stolen and contacted police.

Officers checked CCTV and found the two transvestites who confessed to visiting a gold shop and spending 120,000 baht (2,850GBP) on jewellery.

James said: ”My wallet was missing and there was 8,000 baht in there. I had a message on my phone to say the card had been used. I’m relieved that the police found them.”

Officers traced the card records to a gold shop and approached the owner for more details. The two men were identified cops obtained an arrest warrant from Pattaya Provincial Court for the two suspects.

Tipakorn said during a police interview that him and Banchong had been working as a team targeting tourists then pickpocketing them.

The transvestite added: ”I would like to apologise to Mr Mason. I apologise for making the city look bad. We used to money to buy gold and to go shopping.”

Pattaya Police Chief Apichai Krobtech said the money would be returned to the Brit. He added: ”The two offenders have admitted stealing money from tourists and they will be prosecuted.”

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