Ladyboy Caught After Pick-Pocketing British Tourist

A Thai ladyboy who stole 500GBP from a British tourist stumbling through a red light area at 3am was caught today.

Wilat Wongsuwan, 29, was loitering on the street in Pattaya, Thailand, when she noticed Anthony O’Malley, 49, stumbling home in the early hours of Sunday morning.

CCTV footage shows how the transsexual in a hot pants and a revealing pink top approached him and put their hand down the front of his trousers.

The confused Brit, with one hand holding a cigarette, tried to pull away but the ladyboy kept their hand on his private parts.

A second sex worker then approached him to offer sexual services. However, when Anthony returned to his hotel he noticed his wallet containing 20,000 Thai baht (500GBP) was missing.

Police began searching for the sex worker and identified them as being a ‘’high risk offender’’ who had recently been sacked from a job at a bar.

They arrested Wilat today and he admitted pick-pocketing Anthony as he walked home. Wilat blamed the theft on being drunk and not having any money after losing a job.

Wilat said: ‘’I apologise to the tourist. I did not mean to cause problems for him. I was drunk and worried because I don’t have any money.’’

At an extravagant press conference attended by senior police from the city, Anthony said he was relieved the thief was caught.

However, Wilat claimed to have already spent his money and had nothing to return to the victim.

Anthony, from the North East of England, said: ‘’I would just like to thank all of the Thai police for catching him so quick. It’s only been a couple of days. Thanks to the police for catching him so quick.

‘’Pattaya is a great place. I will still come back.’’

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sakrapee Pachanit said that the victim was very distressed when he contacted police on June 2.

The police chief said: ‘’The offender tried to hide from the police but there was no escape once we had identified them.

‘’We arrested the suspect at a room in South Pattaya and they admitted the crime. Pattaya is a safe place for tourists and criminals will be caught.’’

Lieutenant Colonel Sakrapee said Wilat faced charges of ‘’theft at night’’ which carries a higher penalty than theft in the daytime.

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