Lady Taken On Crime Re-enactment After Pick-Pocketing Tourist

A Thai ladyboy is taken on a crime re-enactment after inviting a tourist to a hotel for sex – then stealing his wallet.

Italian holidaymaker Daniele Freda, 35, had been walking past a row of bars in Pattaya, Thailand, on Sunday November 25 night when the transsexual approached him.

Sunton Huajaipet , 23, hugged the tourist who then declined the offer. But a short time later he noticed that his wallet containing 5,270THB (125GBP) was missing.

Daniele realised he had been pickpocketed by the ladyboy and contacted police who replaced CCTV and tracked down the suspect.

Sunton was arrested yesterday afternoon and taken to the police station before admitting ”theft at night”. Sunton was taken on a crime re-enacment to show how they stole the wallet.

The ladyboy pointed out how she pickpocketed Daniele before throwing his wallet in a nearby pile of rubbish, then returning to collect the proceeds.

Sunton said: ”I am sorry for causing distress to Mr Freda and I am sorry for harming the image of Pattaya. I will not do this again.”

Police chief Apichai Krobtech said: ”The victim and the offender met at the police station and Sunton Huajaipet admitted to stealing his belongings. The suspect has been charged with theft during the hours of darkness and the case will be processed.”

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