Koh Tao Rape: A Timeline Of Events And Allegations

There has been so much confusion and so many questions left unanswered by the recent Koh Tao rape allegations that I thought it useful to make this chronology of what’s alleged to have happened and when.

Nobody will ever know the truth of what happened – rape convictions are rare enough in the west – and it’s unlikely there’ll ever be a conclusion to the case with the Thai police involved, so make up your own mind.

April 2018: The teenager from South London had been volunteering in an orphanage Sri Lanka for two months

June 2018: She travels with friends to Bangkok and then on to Koh Phi Phi island

June 21: The girl arrives on Koh Tao and checks into the Hive Hostel for two nights but extends the stay for two more nights.

June 25: At nighttime the girl and friends go to Fish Bowl Bar and then Leo Bar. She claims that after leaving she became drowsy. She allegedly wakes up on the beach and notices her belongings missing. A Thai man is allegedly standing over her laughing when she wakes up. He then rides away on a motorcycle. She has pain in her backside and believes she has been anally raped. She returns to the hostel and friends point out an alleged semen stain on the back of her black t-shirt from where the man is alleged to have ejaculated on her back after raping her.

June 26:  The girl tells the hosel owner she was drugged and raped on the beach. She said she needed to go to Koh Phangan to attend the Full Moon Party with her boyfriend. She is persuaded to tell police about the incident but the hostel owner admits she is not sure she believes her story.

The girl goes to Koh Phagnan and a police report is made about a stolen iPhone 7, stolen 3,000 baht in cash and stolen debit cards. The girl claims that police ignored her rape allegation but local cops say rape was never mentioned.

The girl’s friend returns to Koh Tao to check CCTV cameras at the bar but they are said to not be working.

July 2: The girl returns to Bangkok for her flight back to London. In London she visits Lewisham police station and makes a rape complaint. The girl allegedly gives them the same black t-shirt she was wearing on the night which is said to be unwashed and sealed in a plastic bag since the alleged incident.

July 26: The Samui Times, a provincial newspaper with a known grudge against Koh Tao authorities, publishes a sketchy piece with many more unanswered questions about the incident and claims to have been in contact with the mother of the girl. The article goes unnoticed due to the news site’s previous grudges and the lack of information in the piece.

August 21: British news site The Daily Mail and then followed a day later by The Sun report the alleged rape.

August 23: The Sun publishes a second piece after having contact with the mother of the girl who doubles down on the allegation that a local Thai man on Koh Tao raped her daughter and that the island is controlled by ”two mafia families”.

August 27: Following outrage in the Thai media at ”bad foreign media saying something not nice about Thailand”, police chiefs from Surat Thani fly from the main land onto Koh Phangan and ”set up a committee” and claim they will investigate the allegations. They also say that the Samui Times should be charged under the computer crime act for its ”vendetta” against Koh Tao.

Conclusion: I’ve never been to Koh Tao and probably never would. Plus, I’d advise anyone else to avoid it. The number of unexplained deaths and unsolved crimes are simply to high to take a risk. 

If there’s anything here missing from the Koh Tao rape allegations please leave a comment and they’ll be added in.



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