Koh Tao Police DON’T Believe British Teenager Was Rape

Thai police chiefs investigating claims a British teenager was raped on Koh Tao don’t believe her story.

Officers believe she was cheating on her boyfriend shagging one of their group on the beach and their friend’s became suspicious when she returned to hostel with spunk on the back of her t-shirt.

They believe she invented the story that her and the bloke she was with were both drugged, passed out together, and she was anally raped from behind and that the attacker had finished on her back. Fled to Koh Phagnan quickly to meet boyfriend at Full Moon party.

From a senior cop who has looked into it: ”If both her and the ‘friend’ she was with were drugged, why did they pass out together at the same time and why did they pass out on a secluded spot on the beach away from their hostel having walked their together after leaving the bar at 1am.”

Koh Tao police taking have been taking a lot of flak over the claims a British teenager was raped on the island.

While we’re a critic of Thai police and have little sympathy with the island of Koh Tao, in this situation you have to feel for them.

The girl DIDN’T report anything to police on Koh Tao when the alleged rape happened.

She was more concerned with getting to the Full Moon Party. What more could Koh Tao police do? They didn’t even know about it until after the mother had ”spent two months researching Koh Tao” and then coming to the widely known conclusion that it’s run by ”two mafia families” and then contacting the Samui Times. Very bizarre.

She then went on a Thai Facebook page (below) to make more allegations – inadvertently breaking British reporting restrictions which give vistims and alleged victims of sexual abuse lifetime anonymity.

Whatever happened, and if the girl was raped, I feel for her. But no mother should allow their 19-year-old daughter to go travelling in Asia, let alone going out drinking every night (confirmed by the hostel owner’s accounts of where she was staying). Looks to me like the mother’s feeling guilty about what happened and going on the rampage trying to ”get justice”.

Even if the DNA matches the suspect, it’s his word against hers. He could say everything was consensual. My guess is that cops will hope to kick this into the long grass and the three month time limit for reporting a crime passes. If they have to eventually bow to pressure and arrest the suspect, and make a show of it, what are the chances of him actually being convicted? Rape convictions are difficult enough in the West. The idea that a Thai man could be jailed on the word of a teenage foreign backpacker is just ludicrous.

I’m no fan of Koh Tao, but this case has more holes than a go-go dancer’s tights and even with DNA evidence linking a suspect, prosecutors in front of a jury would struggle for a conviction.

People need to learn – Asia is not the West and it doesn’t have the same social norms.

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