Kindergarten Boss Complains Over Naked ‘Teacher’ Pictures

A furious nursery school boss complained to police after naked pictures were said to show one of the TEACHERS.

Outraged Somsak Jitraeuatrakoon spotted the photographs online of the young woman posing unclothed for selfies in her bathroom.

The porn site which posed them shocked users after it claimed the girl was a kindergarten teacher in Chai Nat province, Thailand.

But the owner of the ‘’Chai Nat Kindergarten’’ was angry because he claimed that his school’s reputation had suffered and demanded cops catch the owner of the x-rated account.

Education director Somsak said: ‘’The girl in the pictures is not a kindergarten teacher or a teacher in our facility, the Chai Nat Kindergarten.

‘’She was not a teacher here in the past or the present. They’re not known or not familiar in the education field in the region.

‘’Posting these pictures has made people misunderstand. Many people have seen them. This had made the school administrators and the parents of the students feel very uneasy.

‘’It has spoiled the school’s good reputation. We must protect the school and put this information right so everybody knows the girl is not involved with the school.”

Officers printed off the pictures and began searching for the woman and the owner of the adult social media account which posted them.

They said that the owner could be prosecuted under Thailand’s computer crime act.

Lieutenant General Anusorn Kiattasat, Deputy Director of Chai Nat Police Station, said: ‘’Officers are investigating the case to find out who the girl is and what the situation is.

‘’The photographs have caused a problem for the school and we will follow the posters in order to prosecute them.’’

Quite why the kindergarten boss went to such extremes to prove the teacher didn’t work at his place is anyone’s guess. Hardly anybody would have noticed without all the media attention…

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