Sister ‘Marries’ Brother After Bride Jilted Him At Altar

This is the heartwarming moment a sister ‘married’ her brother after his heartless bride jilted him at the altar.

The devastated groom was in tears after his bride walked out from the ceremony moments before the vows in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on April 9.

But it was impossible to cancel the wedding as all the relatives and guests had already arrived and the expensive traditional Khmer ceremony was immaculately prepared.

His sister, Sophia Len, then quickly put on a wedding dress and stood in for the want -away bride – reciting the vows and exchanging rings with her disabled brother.

The sister declared her love for her brother and brought some happiness to the day with wedding guests wishing the family well.

Sophia, who declined to name the bride, said that the she backed out because her family did not want her to live with the man because he cannot walk and needs a wheelchair to get around.

Sophia said: ”I know that the bride had a right to back out from the wedding if she was not happy, but she should’ve done it before the preparations were finished.

”It was very heartbreaking to see her and her family playing with my brother’s feelings and our family’s feelings. They were totally disrespectful.

”The wedding was chaos and my brother was hurt, but I wanted to still make it a special day for him. I love him and always will, so the only positive was that it was a chance for me to show him how much I will always care for him.”

Sophia said that there was an engagement party the day before the wedding, in which the bride attended but did not mention her reservations.

In line with traditional Khmer customs, the groom and his family had also paid a dowry to the bride, though Sophia said that this would now be returned.

She added: ”There were many chances for her to say something but instead she hurt everybody. I am not sure why she stayed with my brother or if she really loved him.”

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