Killer Python Captured By EIGHT Men

This is the terrifying moment a killer python rears up to strike as EIGHT men battle to restrain it.

The 10ft long serpent was spotted by a horrified woman as she walked by the roadside in Nakhon Nyok, Thailand.

She raised the alarm and eight local men hunted the roadside using their car headlamps as search lights.

A python is captured and restrained by eight men

A python is captured and restrained by eight men

The slippery beast was eventually found and half a dozen men had to grab its body to pin it down.

Shocking video shows the serpent striking out at the men who eventually use a large stick to subdue it.

Wild Python Restrained By Eight Men by viralpress

Nikki Hiking said: ”This snake took a while to get under control. It almost had the woman for her dinner.

”She was terrified and asked for help. We caught the python and got the situation under control.”

The men placed the snake inside a sack and released it into jungle a few miles the road.

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