Kids Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors Slap The Loser

Shocking video shows young children playing extreme rock paper scissors – punishing the loser by SLAPPING them.

The group of four seven-year-olds are filmed taking part in the age-old game in a concrete yard outside their homes in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

They each take turns produce one of the hand symbols – with the winner getting to hit each person.

But after several minutes the game loses all organisation and descends into a scrap as the schoolchildren get carried away and start hitting each other.

Filmed by a laughing adult, the footage has been viewed more than two million times after it was posted on social media and went viral.

Opor Manuson who shared the clip online said: ”They’re kids and they’re just having fun. None of them were hurt and they’re all freinds. It’s better than them sitting indoors at home playing computer games.

”They’re learning a valuable lesson about the real world. You have to concentrate and take things seriously if you’re going to win.”

Despite some people finding the clip amusing, others said that children shouldn’t be encouraged to be violent to each other.

Somchai Tangtanakitpaisal said: ”The man filming is a rascal. He really thinks it’s funny to see children get a slap to the head.

”A hand slap to the head can have a serious effect on the brain of a young child.”

Daud Lee added: ”This idiot laughs when he sees children fighting like that. What a dummy.”

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