Kid Sulks After Being Dragged On Stage… Then Surprises Everyone

This sulking kid looked less than impressed to be dragged on stage at a music show – but stunned onlookers when he busted out his dance moves.

The sullen youngster was pulled onto stage by black-bikini wearing dancers at a country show in Isan province, Thailand.

While another young teenage joins in the spirit of the dancing, he simply stands still and refuses to join in.

The high-heel clad dancer becomes visibly annoyed as she flings his arms around in time to the Thai techno music in a desperate attempt to make him join in.

But what happened next stunned her and onlookers – he lays down his own high-energy dance routine sending the crowd wild.

The hilarious footage went viral after being posted online earlier this month.

Tidah Pattaraporn, 26, who was at the show said: ”It was a bit uncomfortable seeing him on stage at first.

”The girl was trying to get him to join in but he didn’t want to. He looked like he wanted to go home.

”But suddenly he starts dancing with the girl and everybody was cheering and whistling. It was very funny.”

The flip-flop wearing boy, who has not been identified, finished his routine and walked off the stage at the music and dance show.

Tidah added: ”I think he has a whole lot of new fans.”

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