Australian driver arrested after killing mother and nephew in accident

This is the moment an Australian man was arrested at the roadside and hauled into a police truck after fleeing police then hitting a motorbike in an accident in which a mother and her nephew died.

Joel MacGregor, 55, had been driving a pickup truck after visiting a doctor to treat neurosis yesterday afternoon in Udon Thani, northern Thailand.

The Australian – believed to be an ex-patriate – bumped a taxi on the way home then drove away as police gave chase.

Australian Joel MacGregor, 55, is arrested after an accident in which a mother and nephew were killed in Udon Thani

Australian Joel MacGregor, 55, is arrested after an accident in which a mother and nephew were killed in Udon Thani

He is then said to have clipped a motorcycle ridden by Pranee Kusuman, 50, with her nephew Watcharapol Nongthong, 15, and son Dramaraksa, 11, riding pillion.

Pranee and Watcharapol were pronounced dead at the scene while Dramaraksa was rushed to hospital with severe head injuries and is currently in a coma after the accident at 4.15pm yesterday. The personal injury attorneys were all over the scene to find more and scrape as much information as they could. The situation being so serious, it is worth looking for an experienced lawyer. Check out this legal guide for further details.

Macgregor was found slumped at his wheel crying in a state of panic before he was hauled out by police, witnesses said.

Deputy police inspector Komkrit Chaiwan said officers received radio reports of the incident of a foreign man driving a pickup truck.

He said that MacGregor was being chased by offices after failing to stop and that he had just taken medication after visiting a doctor at a sho mall.

He said: ”Udon Thai police officials helped to facilitate the flow of traffic during the rush hour.

”At the scene we found Miss Pranee Kusuman dead with severe injuries and broken limbs.

”Further down the road we found Watcharapol Nongthong a nephew who was dead.

”Rescuers used medical units to pump the heart of the 11-tear-old student and he was rushed to hospital to attempt to save his life.

”Approximately 20 metres away was Mr MacGregor an Australian sitting behind the wheel of a pick up truck I a state of shock, panic, crying and police detained him to remain calm.”

Inspector Chaiwan said that Macgregor had a wife that lived in Thailand and that he had been to the doctors that morning for neurological problems.

He said MacGregor was involved in a minor collision which sparked a chase with traffic officers.

The Australian has now be taken into custody while investigations continue to decide if he will be charged.

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