Jessie Vard Arrested Over Gambling Sites

Irish model Jessie Vard is facing arrest over revealing shots of her promoting illegal betting sites.

Jessie, 19, from Donegal, has amassed millions of fans since moving to Thailand as a child and later becoming a glamour model.

She has starred in large numbers of promotions for gambling sites, one of them is, it all started off when she promoted this in the United States and United Kingdom where online casinos are legal, then she went far beyond promotions – which are illegal in the country – but often used by models who write their domains across their cleavage. Some earn the equivalent of tens of thousands of pounds a month promoting betting sites.

Jessie Vard promoting an illegal gambling site

But ahead of the World Cup, Thai authorities are cracking down on football gambling and the ”net pretties” who promote them online.

Jessie was among 15 models who were named in warrants summoning them to appear at court which were issued by police in Bangkok.

Police General Chalermkeate Sriworakhan, Deputy Commisioner General of the Royal Thai Police, said: ”Net idols or pretties who have online followers are not allowed to post anything gambling related or suggestive to gamble activities.

”Fifteen net idols are included in warrant calls for posting gambling suggestive posts on social medias including the infamous Miss Jessy Vard.

”They will be hearing of their punishments between June 14th and 20th. The metropolitan police bureau office has made many arrests already.

”During the World Cup there will be heavier patrols to check on pubs and bars near schools and community areas. Please enjoy the sports but don’t be involved in gambling.”

The subpoena court summons for the attractive models follows the arrest last month of native sports columnist Buranit Ratanawichien who was charged with promoting gambling. He received a one month suspended jail sentence and was fined 1,000 baht.

Despite being illegal, the gambling industry – including sports betting, casinos offering slots lv free spins, lotteries and cards dens – makes up the equivalent of billions of pounds each year in the country’s underground economy.

Earlier this week, a bizarre football match between elephants and school boys was held close to Bangkok to encourage youngsters to stay away from gambling.

During the 2014 World Cup, Thai police arrested more than 5,000 individuals involved in illegal betting. So far this year, more than 750 people have been arrested.

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