Jealous Wife Catches Husband With Mistress In Vietnam

Everyone knows how possessive, jealous and suspicious Thai girls can be.

But this wife in Vietnam took things to a new level.

She was becoming suspicious of her husband working late so decided to follow him – discovering he was having an affair with a young colleague.

The wife, who was not named, decided to pay a visit one morning to the mistress’s room. And she brought along her mother-in-law and three children for added support.

After catching her husband named Nghia Lien, 35, in bed with the 24-year-old woman, she dragged her into the street, ripped off her clothes and cut her hair.

Footage of the attack on the love rival in Hien, Dong, Vinh, earlier this month, went viral in Vietnam sparking a public outcry.

Police chief Nguyen Minh Thiet, head of public security in the Ba Hien Commune where the attack happened, said that police had started an investigation immediately after the incident.

He said: ”The incident happened at 8am on September 3 in the village of Trai Cau.

”Before the fight, Mr Nghia had relations outside of marriage with Mrs K. This relationship was discovered by his wife and repeatedly monitored.

”The husband’s wife with her mother and children monitored the couple and caught them sleeping in the room of Mrs K.”

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