Jealous Wife Catches Husband At Bar… Sets Him On Fire

A jealous wife set fire to her husband after catching him on a boy’s night out – flirting with girls at a karaoke bar.

Sanya Yodphichit, 43, and his three friends were at the Si Nakhon karaoke bar in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand on Thursday August 15 evening.

They were drinking and chatting with several bar girls at their table when the man’s wife Saraphee Sangthong, 45, heard he was there – then stormed in at 11.30 pm carrying a bottle of liquid.

The woman then approached her man, poured the gasoline on his body and lit up the fire before calmly leaving without saying a word.

The husband was wailing in pain as the flames quickly engulfed him. His friends along with other customers and staff rushed to extinguish the fire and called emergency services.

His clothes were mostly burned while part of his body and face were seriously scalded. The medics gave him first aid and delivered him to the hospital, where he is still under the doctor’s observation.

Police officers of Lansaka district arrived at the scene and found gasoline strains spilling on the floor while they were also looking for the wife for interrogation.

But the jealous wife turned herself in to police on Friday morning, willing to cooperate with the police questioning.

She said that the motive for the attack was her being jealous over her husband as he visited the karaoke bar so often and might be involved with a female member of the staff.

Police Colonel Piroon Klatthong, chief of Lansaka district police station, said: ”She came to the police station and admitted for her behaviour.

”Initially, she hasn’t been charged yet but we already documented the case in the daily report.”

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