Japanese Woman, 48, Blocks Motorcycles From Riding On Pavement

A Japanese woman has been hailed a hero after bravely stopping motorcyclists from riding illegally on the pavement.

Megumi Morimoto, 46, was waiting for a taxi when she a stream of bikers came whizzing towards her in Bangkok, Thailand, on Tuesday August 20 evening rush hour.

The middle-age woman bravely stood her ground and ordered the riders to leave the pavement and use the road at the Lam Salee intersection.

A motorcycle taxi with a passenger agreed to move to the road while another rider still refused to do so.

She then moved her body to block his pathway as he was trying to pass through. The rider finally gave up and left the footpath.

Locals have hailed the lady a hero for ignoring the risks of being attacked and enforcing the country’s law – even when police officers routinely ignore it.

Motorcyclists who ride on the pavement in Thailand face a fine of 2,000 baht but the law is widely flouted, often leading to attacks on people who stand up to motorcyclists.

Passersby Udomsak Nak-Injang, 31, said that he and other bystanders really admired her courageous behaviour. The woman was later featured across television channels for her brave stand.

Udomsak said: ”Thai people are well aware that riding motorbikes on the footpath is illegal but many bikers are still doing it because nobody is brave enough to stop them.

”She was the first person who successfully stopped them. The fact that she is not from our country had raised more awareness to us that we should not be afraid to do the right thing.”

Riding motorcycles on the pavement can be highly dangerous and leads to thousands of collisions every year.

The authorities have recently announced more strict penalties and increased fines to 2,000 baht (64USD) but the issue continues.

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