Japanese tourists spark outrage after appearing to have sex in a tuk tuk

Outraged locals complained to police after two tourists appeared to have sex in a tuk tuk.

The couple were riding with friends in the small vehicle in Bangkok, Thailand, last Thursday (12/12) evening when a passing motorcyclist saw them.

Footage shows the young woman with her striped dress hitched up while sitting in a man’s lap rocking back and fourth. 

She does not appear to be wearing any underwear – prompting the filmer to say ‘what, no nickers?’.

The driver then pulled away and the woman continued sitting provocatively on the man’s lap, watched by two other men and a woman, who were crammed into the three-wheeled vehicle.

Onlookers in the Buddhist country were furious at the antics from the Japanese tourists and made a formal police complaint. 

The tuk-tuk driver was tracked down the next day and told police that the pair were ”just drunk and play-acting”.

Puridet Kaewmuang, 19, told cops at the Yannawa police station on Friday (13/12) that he picked up the five Japanese holidaymakers but nobody had sex in his vehicle.

He said the woman was making ”moaning noises” but was just doing it as a joke – and he watched them for the whole ride.

Puridet added: ”I put on the brakes along the way because I saw the passengers enjoying what they were playing at.

”There was a misunderstanding about a sex act. I have seen passengers acting like this on several occasions.  

”I had nothing to do with what the passengers did but they were not performing sex acts. I kept watching them from the rear-view mirror along the way.”

Police did not take any further action.

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