Japanese Gym Complete With Cosplay Maids

A new gym is taking the fad for maid cosplay in Japanese culture to the next level by offering clients a chance to work out while assisted by instructors in maid and butler costumes.

The Maid Gym, a first of its kind in Japan, is located near Tokyo’s famous Akihabara district, where the first permanent maid café in the country, Cure Maid Café, can also be found.

Sekiguchi (his last name is Takahisa but requested not to mention it), a member of the planning team of Maid Gym said that the new gym will have its grand opening in the last week of April.

According to Sekiguchi, the founders who requested anonymity, came up of this idea in an aim to attract more Japanese to take a formal workout training in a gym.

In fact, Sekiguchi said that almost 80% of their clients who have already signed up prior to the opening are first timers to take a workout in a gym.

”Workout trainings are not widespread in Japan. Hence, the founders thought of a fan way for people to enjoy workout trainings in a gym,” he said.

”There seems to be pros and cons of the idea. Some say that the idea is ridiculous, while others find it wonderful,”  he added.

The unique concept was crowdfunded on Japanese website Campfire in over two months until February 25. It has received a total of 1.47 million yen ($12,830) funding from 73 patrons that is more than twice its monetary goal of 700,000 yen ($6,126).
According to the organizers of the Maid Gym project, the gym is limiting the number of customers at one time to three, each with their personal maid.

For a 50-minute training session, patrons can expect to pay 7,500 yen ($66) which includes a drink. This is on top of a mandatory membership fee of ¥10,000 ($89) before they could start their first session.

Moving forward, Sekiguchi said that they are planning to create an English version site to attract foreigners coming to Japan whether for work or travel purposes.

”Maids who are excellent in English will guide you [the foreigners],” he said.

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