Israeli Mobsters Arrested In Koh Samui

Three Israeli ”mobsters” were arrested after they filmed themselves laughing – while shooting FISH.

The alleged gangsters were seen striding along the sand unloading rounds from a hand gun into marine creatures on holiday island Koh Samui.

Officers were made aware of the footage and pounced on the group, identified as Ori Levy, 42, Salom Fima, 50, and Lior Saar. They are believed to have shot at creatures including fish, crabs and star fish.

The three men were held in custody after the arrest accused of running a protection racket on the crime-ridden island – using the video of them shooting animals to intimated business owners.

Footage of the incident was taken at the same area where two rival jet ski operators shot each other dead in February following a terrifying gun fight on the beach.

Police Liutenant General Sarasak Yenpram said: ”Ori Levy, 42, has been brought to the court accused of using an automated short pistol to shoot on the beach.

”The video was to intimidate foreign businessman in order to charge the protection money.

”Salom Fima, 50, was also arrested and is accused to threatening business owners on the island to extort money.

”There have been complaints from foreign business owners about the behaviour of these men. Israeli mafia gangs are influential.

”They too the pistol to the beach to shoot into the sea and at the sky and make the video to intimidate other businesses. Those who refuse to pay are not given protection.”

In the footage, Ori Levy is seen initially in shorts and t-shirt followed by Lior Saat who is shirtless and wearing black sunglasses. Salom Fima is understood to have been with them at the time.

The men denied they were firing a handgun at animals and said it was just a BB style soft air gun.

Cops held the men in custody pending a court appearance.

Police Major General Surachit Khunpun added: ”This harms the image of tourism in the area and we want stability and safety and a space for good people. We are going to rid the island of the mafia gangs.”

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