Irish Tourist Bottled After Mistaking Ladyboy For Woman

This is the bizarre moment a drunk Irishman was treated for head wounds after being attacked with a bottle – following a row with a ladyboy he mistook for a woman.

The tourist had returned to his hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, in the early hours of Sunday October 14  when he began arguing with the transsexual prostitute who ”walked and talked like a woman”.

Officers found him on the street at a bar opposite The Now Hotel Jomtien with blood pouring from his head at 4am – while he went on a bizarre rant saying ‘you’re just lucky I’m f***ing Irish’.

The man – who only gave his name as ”Richo” told onlookers he returned to his hotel before discovering the woman was actually a ladyboy.

They eventually parted amicably, but ”Richo” returned to a nearby bar and started rowing with the staff. He claims in the video that one man walked over to him before another bottled him.

Speaking in the video, he says: ”You’re just lucky I’m f***ing Irish. Thai people can hit anybody when they want? This guy came towards me, this guy hit me with a bottle. F***ing terrible.

”Do you hit people like that? I’m not a foreigner, I’m not Thai, I’m a citizen of the world.”

While being bandaged up, he’s asked if he would like to go to hospital, but says: ”Just]… I’m not a girl.”

The drunk tourist then removed the head bandages, before asking locals who he had just been fighting with, ”can you give me a whiskey” before walking away down the deserted road.

He refused hospital treatment and declined to make a police complaint, so officers were happy to let him go on his way.

Onlooker Alessandro Somsaen, the local journalist who captured the footage, said: ”The witnesses said that the foreign man took a motorcycle with the girl to the nearby hotel, The Avenue Beach Hotel.

”When they got off and walked and talked to one another, he realised that although she walked and talked like a girl, it was actually a beautiful ‘type two’ woman, a transsexual.

”The foreigner walked away and was good for a while, then he went to a bar where he started arguing with customers and staff. Police and Rescue Officers were contacted to investigate and assist the foreign men.

”He did not want any help and he walked away. We don’t know his full name.”

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