Irish tourist, 46, kicked out of gogo bar and beaten up on first night of Thai holiday

An Irish tourist was kicked out of a gogo bar and left in a pool of blood after arguing with staff on the first night of his Thai holiday.

Bert O’Grady, 46, arrived on Sunday morning (08/12) in the red light ‘Sin City’ destination of Pattaya which is popular with Brits.

He went straight to the city’s lap dancing bars but within hours had allegedly started arguing with staff at the Silver Star Agogo on Soi 7 about the appearance of their nude dancers.

Police found Bert at 3:30am this morning (09/12) sprawled on the ground without his top. The holidaymaker had several cuts on his face which he claims was caused by up to ten men attacking him.

Bert said he had been drinking inside the strip club when he complained to the brothel madam that the ”girls looked younger than your daughter”.

He was shocked that the girls were ”dancing in the nude” and raised the complaint with staff, claiming that the hookers were not old enough to work there.

Bert said: ”The security guards threw me out then about ten men all jumped on me. They were kicking and punching me.” 

Paramedics took Bert to hospital were he was bandaged up. Police took his details and vowed to investigate the incident.

Colonel Thanaphong Phnothi from Pattaya Police said: ”The bar was closed when officers arrived last night so we have returned there this morning.

”We will check CCTV and interview the staff from the bar to find out exactly what happened. 

”This is an incident that I’m not comfortable with, as it risks the safety of tourists visiting the city and could damage the area’s image.

”We will coordinate with the tourist police and collect the evidence necessary to arrest those who attacked the man. Regardless of who they are, they will be found and subjected to legal proceedings.”

Pattaya, a city on Thailand’s east coast, has thousands of bars, strip clubs, massage parlours and streets crammed night and day with sex workers. 

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