Iranian Tourist Shocked When ”Beautiful Woman” Is A Ladyboy

You’ve never seen disappointment like the look on this guy’s face.

Anram Karim, 35, spotted a ”beautiful girl” in Pattaya and negotiated a 1,000 baht fee to go back to his hotel.

They rode away together on the back of her moped like two lovers into the sunset. Only, not everything went quite as plan…

Iranian Tourist Attacked By Thai Ladyboy Hooker by viralpress

Anram, in his youthful eagerness, began groping the prostitute and was shocked to discover it was actually a HE – the classic Thai ladyboy.

He demanded to stop the motorbike and go home. But the hooker was having none of it. She demanded a 5,000 baht cancellation fee and became aggressive – ripping Anram’s shirt.

It was left to a good Samaritan to come and solve the situation and usher the thoroughly disappointed Anram to the police station.

He was filmed lamenting his luck with his shirt torn looking like a caveman top outside the station at 5.30am on a Sunday morning.

Better luck next time, Anram. You can always read our guide on how to spot a Thai ladyboy when you’re out and about in Thailand.

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