Injured Flying Squirrel Nursed Back To Health In Krabi

This little flying squirrel is being nursed back to health after trying to fly – but plummeting to the ground.

The creature was taking its first steps around the trees in Krabi but couldn’t get the hang of using its wings.

He fell to the ground and injured his legs but nine-year-old villager, Pim Jantanipa, who had been watching the squirrel picked him up.

The girl is now keeping the squirrel in a cage while she nurses him back to health before releasing him back into the wild.

She said: ”There were four other small squirrels playing in the tree. I think they were his brothers and sisters.

”They were jumping around but this squirrel fell down. He looked like he was hurst so I picked him up and took him home. He wasn’t strong so we have given him water to drink and some fruit.”

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