Impatient Driver Hit By Train On Level Crossing

A driver who was ‘in a hurry’ had a miraculous escape after running a red light on a level crossing and being smashed into by a train.

The pickup truck was seen approaching the crossing as the passenger train comes hurtling towards it in Samut Sakorn, central Thailand, on Monday October 7 morning.

CCTV shows the moment the locomotive clatters into vehicle before pushing it forwards along the tracks in front of horrified witnesses.

Police officers arrived at the scene to investigate and found a pickup farther down the tracks flung into the grass verge on the side.

Miraculously, the driver Saharat Hussakul, 37, emerged from the wreckage and told police he was ”in a hurry” and did not see the train.

He said: “I picked up four workers from a home nearby and was delivering them to the construction site. I was in a hurry so I did not check the light signalor slow down before driving across.”

Police Captain Peerachat Pumtama said that the police will charge the pickup driver and question the train driver.

The officer said: “Initially, we plan to charge the driver with driving carelessly and we will also run the test to check if he was intoxicated.

“However, we still need more information about the incident, so we will call in the train driver.”

The four labourers who were in the truck during the crash also all survived.

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