Identical Twins Land Jobs As Air Hostesses In Singapore

Passengers were seeing double after two identical twin air hostesses were working on the same flight.

Liz and Lynn Ng, 26, landed dream jobs with Singapore Airlines but the shift rota meant that had never flown together.

But they were eventually paired up, and walked the aisles in matching outfits, hair styles and makeup from Singapore to Paris and back again last December.

The sisters, both from Singapore, have still not flown together since then, due to the busy schedules and timetable changes.

Lynn said it was an unlikely coincidence that amazed passengers. She said: “It was a special occasion that brought us working together, and it was so impressive that the destination was Paris because both of us used to trained as pastry chefs.”

One the return flight from Paris the two also shared a galley which amazed the passengers.

Liz said: “People start to notice our identical appearance and soon they were enquiring for a photograph which we were enjoying to let them take it.”

Lynn said that they had been inseparable since birth. But ironically, after getting the same jobs they have spent more time apart and only see each other two or three times a month.

She added : “Now people around looking at us as an individual, not a part of the pair which is good.”

Lynn and Liz graduated from culinary college together, before applying for the cabin crew roles for Singapore Airlines.

They were separated for the first time in their life as they were arranged in the different batches during the three months training.

Their first time apart caused a slight worry that one of them might fail, but eventually the twin passed their course and qualify for working as a cabin crew.

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