Husky Gets Stuck On Roof

This curious Siberian Husky had to be rescued by its baffled owners after getting stuck on a ROOF.

The three-year-old Husky named Winter was saved after climbing onto the roof of his own house in Bangkok.

Winter sneaked away from his owners and walked up to the second floor of the house, where it was connected to the roof of another building. He began his adventure walking towards the walkway before jumping on the rooftop.

But when his explorations ended, he was struggling to get down. The owners Pukkapop and Khongkwan, who were staying in the living room, quickly went outside looking for their stubborn pet after they heard him howling loudly for help.

They followed his crying and were surprised to see the dog sitting on the roof, with his back leg stuck inside a gutter. Pukkapop then climbed up to the top and tried to calm anxious Winter before they slowly moved down to the first building.

Khongkwan, who also accompanied her boyfriend through the rescue, said that Winter was a smart boy but sometimes he can be too curious and stubborn.

She said: “We usually kept him inside the house and he was never able to explore outside much, so. He didn’t know that the balcony of the second floor could lead him to the rooftop. I sometimes found his innocence very funny but this time I was a little worried for his safety.”

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