Husband Finds Snake Hiding Under The Bed

This cheeky snake sparked panic after hiding under a couple’s bed.

The husband noticed the serpent while he was organising the room and moved the mattress at the home in Uthai Thani northeastern Thailand on July 27.

He was terrified at the sight of the snake and called the emergency services for help.

Footage shows how the rescue team struggled to catch the snake which darted back under the bed.

However, after 25 minutes the 8-ft-long rat snake was captured.

Homeowner Nanthasak Watthanapanich, who also filmed the encounter, said: “I was worried that the snake might harm me or my daughter. I don’t know how to catch them so I thought it would be better to call the rescue team.

“I think the snake came in here to shelter due to the recent rain.

”Even though the rat snake is not a poisonous snake, it is better to release it far away from people. I don’t want it coming back inside and scaring us again.”

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