Four RATS Filmed Eating Fish At Huai Khwang Market

This is the disgusting moment three giant RATS are spotted tucking in to fish on a market stall.

Repulsed shopper Songpon Sangwirun spotted Huai Khwang Market rats while walking through the popular market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Hi video shows four chunky creatures – about 30cm from head to tail – feasting on the fresh seafood which is laid out for customers.

Songpon shared the clip with friends before it went viral online sparking a food hygiene investigation from the authorities.

He said: ”Rats on a fish stall! I don’t know which organization is responsible for this. There should be some rules to deal with this because sellers won’t be throwing away all fish from their stall that’s not sold.

A passerby spotted the Huai Khwang Market rats eating fish

A passerby spotted the Huai Khwang Market rats eating fish

”The man might have thrown away only the ones that the rats had eaten and gnawed at. But they would have brought germs, filth, and hygiene problems to all the fish.”

Authorities launch hygiene investigation

Vicharn Pawan, director of the Bureau of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development, said the authorities are investigating the incident.

He said: ”We are aware of the video that was shared on social media and we have started an investigation.

”The seller could be face legal action. People are encouraged to report similar incidents to our office.”

The official warned that food affected by rats could lead to food poisoning and said people should only buy fish from clan shops.

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