Hot Asian Dwarf Gets Confidence From Cosplay

Asta Young may only be 4 feet 5 inches in height, but she sure has the sky as a limit for her dreams.

The 25-year-old lady from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S is an artist, gamer, and famous cosplayer who hails from Hongkong before her family moved to to Texas. She only became an American citizen 5 years ago.

She used to be one of the personalities featured in Lifetime channel’s reality show “Little Women: Dallas” where she was described to be the clown of the group because of her liveliness.

Her dwarfism did not stop her from living an amazing life like a normal person.

“My parents don’t have dwarfism, my siblings don’t have dwarfism, so I kind of popped out of my mum like, ‘surprise I have short legs – love me!’” she said in
an interview.

She also has a very loving husband, Ty Goossen whom she always have sweet messages: “Everyday I am blessed to have such an amazing husband. Love you babe!”

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