Dutchman Electrocuted After Pulling Light Into Jacuzzi

This is the tragic moment a pensioner is electrocuted after accidentally pulling a pool-side light – into the Jacuzzi.

Horst Holger, 66, was standing in the small 8ft x 8ft pool outside his apartment in Hua Hin, Thailand, but appears to slip when he tries to clamber out.

He grabs hold of a plant pot which is attached to a hanging light but he falls backwards and drags them both into the water.

The man – who is originally from the Netherlands but retired to Thailand – is shown writhing in the pool as the electricity surges through him.

Police found his lifeless body shortly after the accident last week and pronounced him dead at the scene.

They said he was killed instantly by the massive amount of volts and sent his body for a post mortem examination.

A Royal Thai Police spokesman said: ”The Dutch national fell backwards into the water and pulled the electric light with him. He was electrocuted.

Horst Holger dutchman electrocuted in Hua Hin

Horst Holger, the Dutchman electrocuted in Hua Hin as he pulls a light into the Jacuzzi

”It was an accident. People should be careful when there are lights and electric devices near to the water.”

Fellow ex-pats slammed the apparent lax health and safety awareness that allowed the tragedy to happen.

Christopher Deschamps, a British expat in Hua Hin, said: ”Thailand can be a dangerous place. There’s very little ‘common sense’ when it comes to health and safety measures. You really have to keep your wits about you.

”With electricity in a pool the poor guy wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

One wrote online: ”Well, a bit of thinking about what if scenarios, risk identification, etc, would have prevented this. Don’t hang lighting on moveable objects near swimming pools.”

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