High-Speed Thai Drag Boat Racing Crash

This is the dramatic moment a Thai drag boat racer lost control and crashed face first into the water.

The racer was taking part in 1,000 metre sprint on a canal in Samut Prakan on Sunday afternoon for a shot at a 50,000 baht top prize.

But the aspiring helmsman pushed his vessel too hard and after hitting a ripple it flew through the air and nose-dived into the water.

Footage from onlookers showed the moment the sailor spun into the water and his vessel was smashed to pieces.

The man was pulled ashore and taken to hospital while organisers salvaged the wreckage of the wooden speedboat.

Onlooker Bandit Chawala, 30, said: ”The man suffered terrible whiplash when he hit the water. Immediately after the accident boats went in to save him.

”He survived with some small injuries. He was put in a stretcher. He was upset that he lost the race.”

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