Hidden Karaoke Bars In Ratchada

Here’s an interesting little row of Karaoke bars I found on a backstreet in Ratchada.

There are about five or six small bars with a handful of girls working in each one. They speak very little English as the clients are primarily Thai locals.

Most nights of the week the places are dead – which is great if you’re looking for an eager girl. However, picking up girls in these places isn’t as straight forward as in tourist areas, where bar girls will bite your hand – and wallet off – straight away.

There’s one rule that’s the same the world over though. Everybody has their price. So show them enough of the paper stuff and they’ll be willing to please.

How to find these karaoke bars in Ratchada? Well here’s a Google map with a red arrow pointing to where they are… Head to Ratchada Soi 7, and down Nathong Alley, Lane 2. You can’t miss them

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