Heartbroken British Tourist Talked Out Of Suicide Bid In Pattaya Mall

This is the dramatic moment a heartbroken British tourist is talked out of jumping to the floor from inside a busy shopping mall.

The middle-aged man was spotted hanging from a ledge over a 60ft drop at the building today in Pattaya, Thailand.

He is heard crying uncontrollably while shouting about a ”girl called Michelle” and threatening to jump.

Shocked shoppers watch him hanging above the drop – screaming as he slips onto his knees.

But two men and a Chinese woman stand at the side talking to him before grabbing his hand to pull him back onto safe ground – to cheers from onlookers.

The footage shot by Khun Narongsak went viral after being shared on Thai social media today.Narongsak said: ”The man was upset and he was talking about a girl. A lot of what he was saying didn’t make any sense. He was from England and he wanted to jump.

The tourist hangs form the railings after getting emotional over a girl

The tourist hangs form the railings after getting emotional over a girl

”I don’t think he was going to jump but he was causing a scene because of a love problem.”

A second clip shot by Huerta Pongsakorn from a different angle shows the distraught man wearing shorts and t-shirt hanging from the ledge.

Onlooker Bonsai Sroiklang said: ”The foreign man came alone and was shouting at people and had the problem with a girl called Michelle.

”Nobody could understand him. But two Chinese people cam and spoke nicely to him and said ‘everything will be ok’. There were two Australian tourists talking to him as well.

”They said think about your family if you die. And then he calmed down and climbed back over the ledge.”

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