Half-naked ‘Spiderman’ climbing down building

This was the bizarre moment a half-naked man was seen climbing out of an apartment balcony.

Bobby Samorin, 44, spotted the man clambering down the side of the building from the fourth storey room in Bangkok, Thailand.

He joked that ”Spiderman” had been caught with another man’s woman and needed to make a hasty escape.

Bobby said: ”Spiderman is still alive but it looks like he has been a naughty superhero.

”I don’t know what happened or why he was climbing out of the building in just his underpants.”

Bobby recorded the clip in the Ladkrabang district of the city last Saturday morning.

It’s not clear why the man climbed from the window.

Bobby added: ”He finished by opening the door to another apartment below and going inside that one.

”Maybe he had been visiting a neighbour and needed to make a quick escape when her husband came home.”

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