Hairdresser Shaves Assistant’s HEAD After Catching Her With Husband

A furious wife shaves the head of her husband’s teenage mistress after allegedly catching her performing a sex act on him.

The wife, who is a salon owner, hired the 15-year-old girl earlier this year as a hairdresser because she said she wanted to become a stylist.

But recently the wife noticed that her husband had been turning up more and more at the shop in Phu Tho, Vietnam.

The suspicious wife made an excuse to go out, leaving her husband and the teen alone on purpose.

When she went back to check, she saw the teen performing oral sex on her husband as he sat one a salon chair.

As a punishment, the wife shaved the head of the teen after kicking and hitting her multiple times.

The young girl was filmed pleading ”no, it’s not like that” as she sits on a sofa apologising to the owner.

The furious wife pulled her hair while scolding her. She’s heard in the video saying: ”Why are you going to sleep with him? You’re so easy. Why! How dare go to bed with my husband.”

The video appeared on social media sparking a police investigation.

Since the mistress is still a minor, the cheating husband was reportedly arrested for rape. The wife was also questioned over the attack on the youngster.

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