Grieving Dog Guards Dead Owner’s Body For 24 Hours

This is the heartbreaking moment a faithful dog was found guarding the body of his dead owner – after trying to revive him for more than a day.

Engineer Decha Apmato, 43, suffered a heart attack on the toilet before dying in Buriram, northeastern Thailand.

Neighbours became concerned when they heard the Aspin dog, named Dae, whimpering for hours on end, before discovering him curled up at his dead master’s feet.

Police arrived and Dae began growling and barking at the police officers who were trying to approach the man. The mutt repeatedly tried to keep them away from his body before Decha’s sister called him and took him out.

Decha’s colleague Rangsan Kaewkuay, 40, who found the body said that he came to his friend’s house because he did not go to work that afternoon when he heard the dog crying.

Rangsan noticed the bathroom door was left open, so he walked closer and found Decha’s body with Dae sitting next to him.

His younger sister Phumphicha, 35, told the police that she had knocked on his door and called her brother for breakfast several times but there was no response.

She said: ”When he didn’t open the door, I thought that he had just gone to work so I left the food outside. I had no idea that he was already dead.”

It was told that the engineer had been dead from tuberculosis and cirrhosis for at least 24 hours and Dae had occupied him and never left for food or drink.

The sister added: ”My brother had been suffered from the diseases for months.”

When being asked about the dog, family and friends said that Decha adopted the male dog last year and they had a very strong bond.

Rangsan said: “Decha loved Dae very much. The name ‘Dae’ was taken from the first syllable of his first name. Many of us had seen Dae followed his master to work at the Sateuk municipality.

‘’Dae must have been waiting for him to wake up. I wish he could understand what was going on with him. But he had done the best job for staying by his side till the very end.’’

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