Grandmother Finds Massive Python In Toilet

This is the terrifying moment a 15ft long python was found – stretched out inside a TOILET.

Horrified grandmother Arunee Thongon, 63, shrieked with fright when she opened the door to the outside loo in Chachoengsao on August 30 at 5am.

The restaurant worker ran back to her house ”with her heart pounding” and called the emergency services. They arrived and carefully opened the toilet door to peek inside at the enormous snake.

Arunee said: ”I opened the door to go to the toilet and I saw its eyes. I am not kidding you, I know what it was thinking. It looked at me and it wanted to eat me.

”I have never been so scared. The snake was big enough to eat me. I was sure it was chasing after me while I was running away. My heart was pounding very, very fast.

”I got back inside and locked the door.”

The snake was found in the outside toilet used by people visiting the cafe, which had been due to open a a couple of hours later.

Rescuers arrived and spent almost an hour wrestling the python, which they measured at slightly longer than four and a half metres. It needed four grown men to stuff the serpent into a canvas bag so it could be driven away and released.

Staff said the snake had slithered into the toilet room to find a dry area to escape heavy rain which had been hitting the area.

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