Grandfather Chains Girl, 12, To Bed To Stop Her From Playing With Boys

An overprotective grandfather chained his granddaughter to her bed to stop her from playing with boys.

The twelve-year-old girl, who was named only as Nam, was rescued on Wednesday May 8 after being held prisoner in her bedroom in Suphan Buri, central Thailand.

She told police that she was a boarding school student in Kanchanaburi who spent every summer break at her grandparents’ house.

But as her elderly relatives always arrived home from work late at night, lonely Nam often went out in the afternoon and played in the street or stayed at friends’ houses.

Officers arrested the grandfather who admitted he took the drastic action because was furious when neighbours started to gossip about the young girl, which he said was embarrassing for him.

Before leaving for work in the morning, he used a two metre long chain and padlock to attach the girl to her wooden bed frame.

He believed that when he returned home at night she would apologise and promise not to play outside with young lads.

However, the idea did not go to plan and the girl spent hours crying for help before using her phone to please for help on Facebook, hoping her friends would see and come help.

Police and soldiers came to the house in the evening after a friend called the local station. They eventually broke the chain and calmed her down from the emotional shock of having been chained up for around ten hours.

The grandparents came back home after the officers contacted them. The grandfather said that he had no idea that his punishment was against the law.

He said: “I was just trying to give her lesson because she never listened when I told her to stop going out every day.

‘’She is a girl and it is very unacceptable to stay out with boys or go to their homes. I did this because I think it’s the best for her.’’

Nam was taken to the hospital for a check-up while the couple were taken in for questioning at the police station. They apologised for the behaviour and promised to talk thoroughly with their granddaughter afterwards.

A spokesman from the Suphan Buri police station said: ‘’Police officers and government welfare workers will monitor the family to help them resolve the problem.

‘’There was a misunderstanding about how to treat their granddaughter which we have explained is unacceptable and ordered them not to do again.’’

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