Grab Food Rider Bangs Customer In Banana Grove

A food delivery man sparked outrage with a video of himself having sex with a woman in a banana grove.

Footage shows the man wearing the green uniform of Grab, which is Asia’s equivalent of Uber, romping with a curvy female in trees in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

He is believed to ridden on a motorcycle to meet the woman but it is not known if he was delivering food for the company at the time or just wearing their uniform.

Police received complaints about the behaviour and on Wednesday Feb 5 visited the secluded patch of land.

Residents said they recognised the woman in pink top and denim hot pants who ”used to be a good, quiet person”.

Local motorcycle taxi rider Somsak Kerdsuk, 58, said: “I recognised the woman in the video because she was our customer. 

”We used to take her to a nearby textile factory. She appeared to be a good, quiet person so it surprised me to see her in the video.”

Street food seller Ae, 51, said she was also sure that the indecency had occurred in her neighbourhood and she wanted the police to catch those responsible as soon as possible.

She said: “I live around here and I definitely can recognise those trees, even though you can’t see everything in the video.

“I want the police to find the two perverts who dare to do this kind of obscenity in broad daylight and charge them, because it could become a problem in this neighbourhood.”

Police patrolled the area but said it was not clear if that it was the same place as seen in the video.

Police Major General Thanayuth Wuthijamrasthamrong said they would check CCTV in the area from the day the video emerged but admitted it would be difficult to find them as there were no cameras overlooking every entrance. 

He added: ”If the offenders can be caught they will be charged with lewd behaviour in public.”

Grab is a Singaporean company with app-based ride-hailing and food delivery services across Asia. 

Speaking today, an officer worker at the firm’s Bangkok HQ, said that people in the Thai branch of the company were aware of the video.

She said the man in the video may have bought the jacket second-hand before wearing it for video. 

”We cannot be sure of anything as we can’t recognise him from the video,” she added. ”He could have bought the jacket or he could work for us.”

The company’s Thailand press office¬†has¬†been contacted for comment on the video.

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