Golden Retriever Runs A Bath For His Brother!

This is the hilarious moment an adorable pet dog runs a bath for his furry friend – who carelessly splashes down into the water.

Golden retriever Chayen was carefully holding the hosepipe in his mouth until the small bowl was almost full.

But his brother, Basil, walks out of the door and puts his paws in the water before suddenly plonking his backside down.

Golden Retriever Holding Hosepipe For His Brother by viralpress

The water splurges out of the sides and Chayen looks crestfallen as the hosepipe is pulled from his chops.

Owner Kra Phera, who recorded the clip at his home in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, said: ”Chayen is the most helpful dog in the world. One of his favourite tricks is to hold the hosepipe in his mouth.

”But his brother Basil is a bit more clumsy. He walked into the water and just dropped down.

”He looked very comfy in the bowl though, even though he had pushed out all of the bath water.”

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