The Girls From Nataree Massage Before It Closed

Here’s a selection of pictures of the girls from inside Nataree Massage before it closed.

The photographs were taken in the days before Thai girls all had scowls, bad attitudes and had become greedy.

Plus in this pictures from the early 2000s, they did not have smartphones with Facebook, Line, Instagram etc etc and were oblivious to social media.

Customer’s were able to walk inside these multi-storey tug palaces and have the girls happily pose for pictures.

It’s actually impossible these days to find a massage parlour in Ratchada, Soi 33, Soi 22, or anywhere else in Bangkok where the girls are smiling,

These days the girls simply wouldn’t have their pictures taken. ¬†They all too aware of the risks of the pictures leaking onto social media and the managers of the knocking shops want to remain as discreet as possible.

Although Nataree has been closed since June 2016 and the owners are in jail these pictures, supplied by a former customer, give an insight into the big Thai massage parlours at their peak.


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