Girl, 8, And Uncle, 32, Drowned Together In Pond

An eight-year-old girl was found dead alongside her neighbor after they drowned in a river while her father was busy collecting oysters.

Tragic youngster Chayanut Phapimai and the neighbour Kongkiart Nakkham, 32, were reported missing before the rescuers found their bodies floating in the river on March 7.

The girl followed her father and his two neighbours to collect oysters at the Mool Long river at Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand the day before.

Kongkiart was told to take care of the young girl by the shore. But he had recently been drinking and suffering from seizures.

Chayanut’s father and another neighbour rowed a boat out to the middle of the river and spent hours picking oysters before noticing that they were missing.

Their clothes and the phone were found on the motorcycle. The oysters collectors thought they went swimming in the water but they could not find them anywhere.


Police and rescuers responded to the father’s call and began searching the area. They spent more than four hours walking around the fields looking for them in the river.

The father broke down in tears when the dead body of his daughter was eventually found in the water at midnight. Kongkiart was also found dead 50 metres away an hour later.

Police believed that both of them were drowned while they were refreshing themselves in the water.

The police officer of Chumphuang police station said: “The water was too deep for a child to swim. It was possible that the man was trying to save her but then he suddenly had seizures.”

The bodies were sent for autopsy at the district hospital before delivered to the family to proceed the religious ceremony

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