Gibbon Hugging Cat To Keep Warm

This is the adorable moment a gibbon that was missing his mum was seen hugging a cat to keep warm.

The creatures live inside a temple in Phatthalung province, Thailand, where plummeting temperatures have brought on an unseasonable chill.

The rescued monkey and the white cat – who regularly play together – huddled together to beat the cool winter air on Tuesday morning at the Wat Wihan Sung Temple.

Onlooker Somjit Boon-on said the cat was named ‘’chew” and the monkey was called ‘’toy’’

He said: ‘’The gibbon was cold and shivering. He doesn’t have a mother to keep him warm. He was rescued and taken to the temple after they had been separated or she was lost. He misses his mum.

‘’The cat lives at the temple and she has become friends with the gibbon. They play together. That day was cold and I saw them when the gibbon was embracing the cat to make themselves warmer.’’

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