German Tourist Jumps To His Death At Suvarnabhumi

A tourist who refused to board his flight and slept in an airport for FOUR NIGHTS leapt to his death in front of shocked holidaymakers on Wednesday evening.

Maik Schwagerus, 51, had been due to catch an Airbus A380 in Bangkok to Dubai for a connecting flight to his native Germany on at 9pm.

But the troubled flyer refused to pass through the gate – and spent the next four days and nights surviving on airport food, ambling through duty-free shops and washing in the passenger toilets.

Tragically, he climbed onto a ledge on the fourth floor of the glass and steel terminal and jumped, hitting a concrete ledge before falling to the ground on Wednesday evening at 8pm.

Distressed passengers waiting for their flights called for help and airport staff rushed the German to hospital but he was later pronounced dead.

Details of the bizarre incident began emerging last night (Thu) after officials had contacted Maik’s relatives in his native home of Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Staff at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in the Thai capital – the 21st busiest airport in the world – have now began investigating how the tourist was allowed to roam through the duty free area for so long.

Dalat Asawet, deputy director of Suvarnabhumi airport, said: ”Medical staff and rescue teams in the airport must rushed to help the injured man and send him to the Samitivej Hospital.

”Unfortunately the man’s injuries were severe and he died later in hospital.”

Airport officials said the apparent suicide happened next to the bathroom in the duty free area of zone E, at Gate E2A as passengers were waiting to board.

.An investigation after the death revealed that Maik had purchased a ticket for the six-hour flight EK373 to Dubai which was due to depart at 9:25pm. He was then scheduled to catch an onward flight back home to Germany.

Dalat Asawet said staff did not know why Maik had plunged to his death.

The airport chief said: ”It appears that the deceased refused to board his aircraft and stayed in the area around the scene from October 7 until October 11. The motivation is not known.

”The staff had to inform the German embassy to contact the relatives. We are waiting to speak with his relatives before we can find the reason for the death.”

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