German Backpacker Bitten By Snake In Krabi

A female backpacker was rushed to hospital after being bitten by a venomous snake at a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

Michaela, 23, from Germany, was visiting the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi when she stepped on a pile of leaves that the Malayan Pit Viper was curled under.

The woman howled in pain when the deadly snake bit her on the back of the heel before slithering away into the undergrowth after the attack on March 10.

Friends of the tourist helped her before paramedics arrived and washed the wound while administering anti-venom. Michaela, who was still conscious, was taken to hospital where she recovered.

Locals said the snake was a Malayan Pit Viper, which is found most often in northern Malaysia, but had been seen a number of times at the tourist destination temple.

A spokesman for the Krabi Rescue Foundation said: ”The injured woman could talk normally and had not suffered any allergic reactions to the snake bite. The doctor took her to the emergency room where the wound was washed and injected.

”A friend of the victim said that she had visited the temple and walked through a pile of leaves on the pavement.

”Suddenly she was shocked when her friend cried loudly and said she had that a snake had bitten her on the back of the foot.

”Officers checked at the scene to see if the snake was still around but it was not found. It’s expected to be a Malayan Pit Viper and will be hiding nearby.”

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